Patrizia Romanello, after having completed her musical studies at the Rossini Conservatory of Music in Pesaro, perfected herself with the Maestro Giovanni Valentini, who considerably broadened her musical horizons. As for Chamber Music, she perfected with M. Damerini, V. Brodski and later thanks to the teachings by Pier Narciso Masi she graduated brilliantly with the honorary title of “Master“, the highest qualification issued by the Imola International Academia Foundation “Incontri col Maestro”. She began her career immediately by playing and collaborating with internationally renowned musicians, including A. Vasiliev, P. Geiss, N. Zimin, F. Mondelci, O. Murphy, J. Laran, R. Donati, A. Bocini, A. Sciancalepore, P. Scarpa, M. Albonetti, S. Milenckovic, A. Hall, F. Dego, A. Quintanilla, N. Bulfone, G. Arbonelli, C. Palermo, F. Meloni, G. Picciati, C. Giuffredi, E.M. Baroni, P. Beltramini, M. Benzi, M. Mariotti and M. Marvulli, just to name a few. She performs in many Italian cities including Bologna, Chieti, Ferrara, Fermo, Florence, Imola, Milan, Modena, Monza, Naples, Parma, Pescara, Rome, Teramo, Terni, etc. In duo she recorded for Rai-Tv and some CDs for Sarx Records and the “Ino Savini” Foundation, while in 2021 for the AmadeusArte Recording Label she records Massimiliano Messieri’s monographic CD “Islands” for solo piano. Well-rounded musician, Romanello’s repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary music, becoming moreover the main pianist of Massimiliano Messieri who dedicates numerous scores to her, and performing scores by composers such as Graham Fitkin, by Helmut Laberer “Klangbilder” concert for piano, percussion and orchestra (with the Pesaro Symphony Orchestra) and Roberto Molinelli protagonist in “Four pictures from New York” masterfully performing a fantastic jazz trio “Sentimental evening” (with the Pesaro Symphony Orchestra), for mention just a few. Since 2020 she holds the masterclass “Functional analysis for interpreters” at the Conservatory “Istituto Superiore Studi Musicali Pietro Mascagni” in Livorno. After the forced stop due to covid pandemic, considerable projects will see Patrizia Romanello as a soloist and in duo in important European and American concert seasons..